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We design, create and collect perenial pieces to help your home space feel calm, comfortable and beautiful. Dreamy natural linen, Australian limestone sculptures and wabi sabi ceramics, handbuilt in the Ikigai Home studio. Inspired by the natural world and the facinating land of Japan.

Welcome home

Hello you.

I am just here to remind you to pause that busy life of yours for a moment.

Relax your jaw, close those pretty eyes and imagine you are standing alone and barefooted on the cool nettles of a misty cypress forest. The sun light flickering through the canopy is warming the tops of your eyelids. Let the corners of your mouth come up a little, take one long, deep breath and still that thoughtful mind.

Shinrin-yoku is our signiture pure essential oil blend. We know you can't always escape to the forest to get a moment of stillness, so we brought the forest to you.

Hinoki, Yuzu, Vetiver and Cedar. Hand blended in Australia by Happy Society.